About the book

Shawn wants you to remember that FORCE is real and it’s simply a collection of real emotions and actions inside all of you! Use it to “lift off in life and lift up people!”

Remind yourselves that we live in the greatest country and anybody can become somebody by working hard.

Please share your story if you have experienced any parts of FORCE in your life so you can lift up others. Click here to share your story!

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About the author

Shawn Norouzian is a businessman working in Texas and has developed the F.O.R.C.E. for youth to understand and reach their full potential. He graduated from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. He has much experience with business development working in the medical and healthcare arenas. Shawn lives with his family including three children that keep him busy. The love of family and people is his number one priority!


The mission Statement

Unleashing positive energy by teaching youth the FORCE tools to achieve the American Dream through hard work and determination.